Steve H. Broadnax III

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I.D (New Horizon Theatre Pittsburg, PA) 2015 Written by Nsangou Njikam Diricted by Steve H. Broadnax III

I.D. (New Horizon Theatre Pittsburg, PA) 2015
Written by Nsangou Njikam
Directed by Steve H. Broadnax III



Things said about Steve…

“Partnering with Steve Broadnax as director on numerous productions of my plays has given new depth to the vision of my work. Steve is a creative luminary who lifts the pentameter of my language and demands the highest theatricality for bringing my work to life. His career will be long and abundant and I look forward to being along for the journey.”
--Dominique Morisseau (Critically Acclaimed Award Winning Theatre/ Television/Film Writer)

“Steve has a comprehensive mastery in making theater. Some are just directors, just actors or just designers. Having a 360-degree knowledge of this craft is rare. Steve is somebody that one would build an entire company around.”
--Ty Jones (Classical Theatre of Harlem’s Artistic Director)

“I can go on and on about this talented and versatile artist and teacher but I will simply end by saying Professor Steve Broadnax is a gift to his students, his community and most certainly to the arts.”
-Ruben Santiago-Hudson (Tony Award Winning Actor/Writer/Director)

" It is a blessing that a writer gets to work with an interpreter who is a gracious leader, humble and yet a tough nurturer and Steve was all of that and more. I suspect Steve's ability to be exacting yet inclusive of different perspectives will serve him well as he steps to the next level in the educational field. He is truly a joy to work with."
--Katori Hall (Critically Acclaimed Award Winning Theatre/Television/Film Writer)

"It is with great pleasure and admiration that I write an endorsement for Mr. Steve Broadnax. I have worked alongside Steve and his passion, vision and leadership within the landscape of the American Theater is  inspiring. His students are truly gaining a truly enriching educational experience, but also rooted in the realities of the ever-changing and
complex world of the theater"
--Kamilah Forbes (Executive Producer of The Apollo Theatre NYC)

"I never turn down an opportunity to work with Steve H. Broadnax III. As a director he creates an environment that breeds creativity, deepens craft, and elevates each artist to operate on a higher level of storytelling.As an educator he has empowered me to live authentically and truthFULL-ly in my everyday life. Broadnax is a dream collaborator."
-- Stori Ayers (Actress/PSU Alumni)

"Working with Steve is like being with family: There's that warm love, that feeling of familiarity and fun... but you know at any moment you'll be challenged to dig into the darkest corners and depths of your soul."
--Kenzie Ross, (Actress/PSU Alumni)

"Steve is an artist and a craftsman. If he were to call, I'd drop everything to be a part of whatever he's working on. I never have as much fun as when I'm working with him."
-- Tyler Reilly (Actor/PSU Alumni)

Article Reviews

The Mountaintop by Katori Hall, Directed by Steve H. Broadnax III

“Adams, Berkman, and Hall determined together to invite Steve H. Broadnax III to direct the production.”


Electronic Playbill

Broad Street Review

“Director Steven H. Broadnax’s production at People’s Light & Theatre Company provides a dingy-looking two-bed room designed by Tony Cisek, but its very realism is what makes it seem abstract.”

“The direction by Steve H. Broadnax III builds power gradually, delicately balancing comedy and drama.”

Theatre Sensation

DC Metro Theater Arts

People's Light

“Bowman Wright as Dr. King and Patrese D. McClain as Camae, under the no-holds-barred direction of Steve H. Broadnax III, are fully committed to Hall’s inventive take on the subject.”

“Broadnax's production of The Mountaintop is a potent brew of strong storytelling, compelling characters, and historical insight.”


Talkin' Broadway

Theatre Philadelphia

“Steve H. Broadnax III's direction illuminates the parallels between King's era and today's political and racial climate.”

“Broadnax's staging grounds these early ideas and then seamlessly handles the transition from realism to the supernatural, aided by the superb production team at People's Light.”

The First Noel, Classical Theatre of Harlem

“Steve H. Broadnax III (Dominique Morisseau’s Blood at the Root) serves as director and Brian Harlan Brooks (Motown: The Musical) is choreographer.”

Harlem World

Broadway World


“The creative team [brilliantly] mixes musical genres to tell a story of family and hope that deepens our commitment to fostering musical innovation and to presenting works that engage our entire community and resonates across generations.”

The New York Times

Theatre is Easy

Macaroni Kid

"Directed by Steve H. Broadnax III, this is a memory musical, with the grown-up Noel (Ashley Ware Jenkins) returning to the brownstone where she grew up."

"Under the nuanced direction of Steve H. Broadnax, The First Noel has the perfect balance of drama and light-hearted cheer that are the foundations of the most treasured holiday classics. It’ll break your heart, then have you rejoicing in applause five minutes later."

DNA Info

GBM News

Broadway! Black

"Leading the artistic team is director Steve H. Broadnax III. Broadnax, an associate professor of theatre at Pennsylvania State University whose work has been featured at Scotland’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, also has showcased at The Kennedy Center with his award-winning The Hip Hop Project. The original play, which has toured nationally, was conceived, directed and choreographed by Broadnax."

"There wasn’t a single moment that wasn’t fully charged and entertaining. This cast and production by the Classical Theatre of Harlem makes a strong case that The First Noel should be on the boards for many Christmases to come."

Electronic Urban Report

Zeal NYC

Talkin' Broadway

"The raw staging (by Steve H. Broadnax III), on an expansively gritty set by Daniel Robinson (accentuated with costumes by Rachel Dozier-Ezell and lighting by Alan C. Edwards), is tightly in tune with the material."

-4 out of 5 stars

Plays to See

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Blood at the Root

"This stellar production does challenge the audience to have honest conversations about race and privilege and the fact that these issues won’t go away if we avoid the discussion."

"Still, even if some of the cast members in Steve H Broadnax III's fast-paced production are years past their high-school days, each of them eloquently expresses his or her character's point of view, making devastatingly clear that this situation has no easy solutions -- the more divisions sown, the more misery for all"

City Pulse

L&S Online America

Lansing State Journal

Show Score

New York Times

GLAM Adelaide

Daily Review

Edinburgh Spotlight

Blood at the Root Press Kit